Yeti School

The Beginning

Our Yeti School is a parent-child class that focuses on balance and strength training while introducing kids to skiing, snowboarding, and biking. This unique program is the perfect opportunity for your child to discover a love of snow sports and to develop athletic skills that will improve overall strength and coordination in their everyday activities. In each class, Yeti’s will participate in three stations: ski, snowboard, and kiddy "dryland training".

Ages: 10 months – 2.5  years

45 minute class (one class per week)




Little Shredders

Fun Fundamentals

Learning to ski and snowboard can be a difficult process. Even after a few lessons, further practiced is required to strength skills and to maintain long-term interest. Our classes are designed to introduce and strengthen skiing and snowboarding fundamentals for children of all ability levels. Shredder makes practice and repetition possible year-round, enabling kids to gain more confidence, to progress faster on the mountain, and to maximize their time with their families.

Ages: 2.5 – 5  years

45 minute class (one class per week)




Ski & Board School

Skills to Shred

Our professionally developed Ski and Board School curriculum focuses more on the technical aspects of skiing and riding, since these kids are typically more independent and have more knowledge of the mountain. In addition to learning skiing and boarding skills, these shredders learn about mountain safety, practice simulating getting on and off a chairlift, and much more. Ski & Board School participants also work on athletic development and coordination while in the gear.

Ages: 5 – 10 years (exceptions can be made for younger ages)

45 or 60 minute class options (one class per week)




NEW! Offseason Yeti

Offseason training, sometimes referred to as "Dryland Training", is a general term that means athletes train away from their usual environment of water, ice and snow.  This is a generic term, not just ski related.

Shredder is creating a fun, age-appropriate dryland (off-snow) class with exercises that help deliver the agility, balance, coordination, strength and skill training that young Shredders need to complement their on-snow and/or everyday play.


This Parent-Child class does NOT emphasize skiing/snowboarding, but rather practices the skills to improve overall athleticism and development

Activities include:

> Movement Patterns (i.e. gallop, step-slide)

> Balance (i.e. balance beam, trampoline, strider bike)

> Core Development & Strength (i.e. strider bikes, gymnastics tumbling)

And more!


Ages: 10 months - 3 years (exceptions can be made)

45 minute class (one class per week)