Boulder Post-Season Session: Offseason Yeti

Boulder Post-Season Session: Offseason Yeti

  • Ages: 10 months – 4 years (flexible with ages)

  • 45 minutes

  • Work on skills to develop agility, balance, coordination, and strength

  • This class does NOT emphasize skiing/snowboarding, but rather practices the skills to improve overall athleticism and development

  • Parent-Child Class

  • Activities include:

    • Movement Patterns (i.e. gallop, step-slide)

    • Balance (i.e. balance beam, trampoline, strider bike)

    • Core Development & Strength (i.e. strider bikes, gymnastics tumbling)

    • And more!


Sessions currently open for registration:

  • Weekday Post-Season (April 15th - May 24th / 6 classes) for $150

*There are NO CLASSES on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th-26th)!

With any questions on registration, please call (303) 396-1754 or email

Day & Time:
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Class Overview

Offseason training, sometimes referred to as "Dryland Training", is a general term that means athletes train away from their usual environment of water, ice and snow.  This is a generic term, not just ski related.

Shredder is creating a fun, age-appropriate dryland (off-snow) class with exercises that help deliver the agility, balance, coordination, strength and skill training that young Shredders need to complement their on-snow and/or everyday play.

Skills & Progressions

A number of skill progressions will be covered throughout the session, ultimately improving your child's strength, balance, agility, and coordination. These include:

  • Jumps & Tumbling: various jump types are practiced, building towards forward roles, round-offs, or cartwheels

  • Balance: assisted walking in balance beam in multiple directions (forwards, backwards, side-steps); these progress to balance on "unstable" environments, like mats, slackline, and trampoline

  • Strength: climbing and jumps help to build strength in the arms and legs; progression looks for core stability and overall strength on Riglet boards, balance boards, strider bikes, and hanging bars

  • And more!

Additional Information

  • Flexible make-up policy

  • Limited refund policy

  • Free Open Gym when enrolled in a session