Boulder Post-Season Session: Little Shredders

Boulder Post-Season Session: Little Shredders

from 125.00
  • Ages: 2.5 – 5 years

  • 45 minutes

  • Drop-off class

  • Ski or board skill development

  • All gear included


Sessions currently open for registration:

  • Weekday Post-Season (April 15th - May 24th / 6 classes) for $150

  • Weekend Post-Season (April 20th - May 19th / 5 classes) for $125

*There are NO CLASSES on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th-26th)!
For this reason, there are only 5 weeks available for WEEKEND classes, while there are 6 weeks available for WEEKDAY classes!

With any questions on registration, please call (303) 396-1754 or email

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Class Overview

Learning to ski and snowboard can be a difficult process. Even after a few lessons, further practiced is required to strengthen skills and to maintain long-term interest. Our classes are designed to introduce and strengthen skiing and snowboarding fundamentals for children of all ability levels. Shredder makes practice and repetition possible year-round, enabling kids to gain more confidence, progress faster on the mountain, and maximize their time with their families.

Our professionally developed Little Shredder curriculum is play-based.  Kids learn by moving with their gear on in a fun and safe environment.  In addition to learning the technical aspects of skiing and riding, Little Shredders learn about mountain safety, practice simulating getting on and off a chairlift, and much more.

Warm-Up & Skill Drills

Kids learn to walk, balance, and get comfortable with boots on. In addition to improving balance, boot warm-ups reinforces better habits on the slopes.

Kids will be introduced to the core fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding both on the ground and on the different sized slopes.  Each Little Shredder will progress at their own rate.  Depending on ability, kids will be introduced to and/or perform specific balance, edging, pressure, and rotary skill drills.

Additional Information

  • Small shredder-to-instructor ratio (typically no more than 1 instructor to 4 kids)

  • All Little Shredder classes are drop-off; while parents are welcome to stay, they are encouraged to wait in our lobby or outdoor areas. If you feel your child may have difficulty with the initial drop off, contact Shredder to discuss some transition strategies before the classes begin.

  • Kids can ski or snowboard - please speak with Shredder for more details

  • Children are grouped within classes based on age and ability level

  • Flexible make-up policy

  • Limited refund policy

  • Free Open Gym when enrolled in a session