Boulder: Parents Night Out

Boulder: Parents Night Out


When is the last time you enjoyed an evening to yourself? Take advantage of our Parents Night Out evenings to take care of the kids!

PNOs take place during selected Fridays throughout the Fall and Winter sessions. We watch the kids from 5:00 - 9:00pm. The evening includes games, trampoline, skiing/snowboarding, crafts, movies, and a pizza dinner!

FALL 2019 DATES (so far):

  • Friday, Sept. 13th

  • Friday, Sept. 27th

  • Friday, Oct. 11th

  • Friday, Oct. 25th

Ages ~3 - 10 years old welcome! Potty-trained is required.
The price is $35 for the first child and $30 for each additional child.

Enter promo code "PNO2" at checkout to receive discount for 2 children.*
Enter promo code "PNO3" at checkout to receive discount for 3 children.*
*Discount only applicable to multiple siblings; codes are not transferrable between friends. We will contact you with any discrepancies or incorrect use of codes.

Please note: prices reflect a 3% management surcharge included, but no additional taxes or fees will be charged upon checkout.
To avoid this fee, you can pay by cash or check -
contact us directly to register.  |  (303) 396-1754

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A basic cheese pizza and water is provided for dinner. If your child has dietary restrictions or if you would like to pack them additional food, please feel free to do so!