Shredder is thrilled to announce our a new gear Buyback Program for the 2019-20 Ski Season!

For this season, you can purchase a BRAND NEW gear set for your kiddo (includes skis, bindings, and boots) directly through Shredder. This gear is the same exact gear that we use for all our in-house programs!

At the end of the ski season, you can choose to keep your gear OR
trade in your gear and receive a discount on a set for the next season.
Read on for more details!

1 - Buyback.png

Step #1

  • To receive the best deal, pay the deposit now!

    • Total cost for deposit payers will be $189

    • **If you choose to enroll at a later date, this price will increase!

  • Chat with your current Shredder instructors or contact us to schedule a sizing appointment!

    • Find each location’s contact info below

2 - Buyback.png

Step #2

  • We will contact you when your gear is delivered and ready for pick-up!

  • If you paid a deposit, you will owe the remaining $140 balance

    • Didn't pay a deposit? Your total price is TBD

  • A required Alpine Binding Release Check & Adjustment test must be performed for an additional $15 fee

    • Would you like this fee included with a bunch of other perks? Learn about our Membership Program!

3 - Buyback.png

Step #3

  • If you're done with our program and want to sell back to us, we will buy back your set for $50

  • Want to continue? Trade-in for a NEW set for $124

  • Want to continue? Trade-in for a USED set for $75

  • We’ll ask that trade-ins be made by end of April 2020 (exact date TBD)

Contact us to register!


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