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Homeschool Enrichment Program

Do you homeschool your child? Are they interested in learning how to ski and snowboard!? Shredder offers a unique, one of a kind ski and snowboard experience, guiding children through skill progressions to build confidence, knowledge, and proficiency! The four fundamentals we focus on are balance, pressure, rotary, and edging. Classes will consist of a boot warm-up, directional walking, ski education, skiing / boarding, & more!

The price is $17.50 for first time Shredders and $32 for each additional visit, but the price can be adjusted when purchasing a 6-12 week package

Ages: 2.5 and up! (flexible)
Currently only available at Shredder Boulder
Maximum of 12 kids per class

Available Wednesdays & Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:30pm

Register at ANY TIME by contacting us! | (303) 396-1754

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Field Trips

Shredder Boulder is a fun and unique place for your childcare group to try something different - indoor skiing and snowboarding!

Total time = 2 hours

Number of kids = 12 maximum (4 minimum)

Age range = 2.5 -10 (flexible)

Price = $25 per child

A combination of skiing, boarding, ski education, sledding, and more!

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Please note that field trips can only be conducted on weekdays! Field trips can only be run from 1 - 3pm.