The Slope

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Artificial Snow and Features

Used around the world, our artificial snow surface enables us to offer programs to all ages. We use Xtreme, manufactured by Grassworx. The combination of water and wax will enable skiers and snowboarders to “slip” (to travel down the surface) and “to grip” (for turning and stopping) down our different features. Artificial snow surfaces are used all of over the world, including England, France, Turkey, Asia and the US. This material enables skiers and snowboarders to learn or practice year round and gives a variety of different demographics access to these great sports.

Shredder has over 30 years experience and has been involved with over 155 projects (event-based temporary structures to permanent resorts) using artificial snow surface.

At the Shredder facility, we currently have a larger slope, Yeti Mountain (smaller style slope) and an outdoor slope for classes, events and parties.