Frequently Asked Questions

What should my Shredder wear to class?

Shredder should wear comfortable clothes that they can play and move in.  We recommend pants and comfortable shirt. Higher socks are helpful when wearing ski and snowboard boots but ski socks are not necessary.   Some skiers and snowboarders get hot during class so layers can be helpful.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring any ski or snowboard equipment if you are not going to rent from us.  In addition please bring a bike helmet for your shredder to have them get in the practice of wearing one while skiing. Most kids get too hot wearing their ski/snowboard helmets and goggles are not needed.

A special note for snowboarders: Please bring your own knee pads and wrist guards, there is a greater learning curve for snowboarders and the pads can make the transition a little easier.  Along with that, light gloves for the snowboarders hands can be helpful because of the rough turf.  Your child will figure out what equipment works for them in class as they progress.

What happens during the one hour class?

Skiers and Snowboarders are broken down into groups and rotated through the three different stations of the Shredder gym.  Each station focuses on different knowledge and skills to help your child become a more independent skier/rider.  Those stations include the Yeti Mountain, The Slope and The Backroom

Can I drop off or should I stay with my skier/rider?

We want our skiers and riders to be comfortable and enjoy skiing and if that means guardians are close by we are totally comfortable with that.  We also understand that some shredders have an easier time focusing when parents/guardians are not around.  Please feel free to talk to us about what you think the best option is for your family.