Frequently Asked Questions

What material does Shredder use for the indoor surface?

We use Xtreme, manufactured by Grassworx. The combination of water and wax will enable skiers and snowboarders to “slip” (to travel down the surface) and “to grip” (for turning and stopping) down our different features. Artificial snow surfaces are used all over the world, including  places throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. This material enables skiers and snowboarders to learn or practice year round and allows a variety of different people to have access to these great sports.

Does learning on artificial snow have any negative impact on skiing or riding on real snow?

Absolutely not! In fact, most clients have expressed that it is much easier to ski or ride on the mountain after they had learned or practiced on the artificial snow. The material catches the edges of the skis and snowboards very easily, making it much easier to practice the proper technique. In addition, being able to practice skiing or riding year-round will help strengthen skills and technique for when you’re ready to hit the slopes.

What slopes are available for use?

At the Shredder Boulder facility, we currently have a large indoor slope, a small indoor slope (Yeti mountain) and a medium-sized outdoor slope.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring any ski or snowboard equipment if you are not going to rent from us.  In addition, please bring a bike or ski helmet for you or your child to where while skiing. We recommend wearing comfortable or athletic clothing.

A special note for snowboarders: Feel free to bring any elbow/knee pads or guards and maybe some light gloves for protection when falling on the artificial snow if you feel you or your child would be more comfortable.

What happens during a typical class?

Class organization and structure varies depending on the class size and type. Typically, ski and snowboard classes are broken down into groups based on ability level and the sport they are practicing. Once the class begins, each group will rotate stations throughout the gym to work on various skills and techniques with an instructor. Depending on the ability levels and class size, stations usually include practicing various techniques on the large slope, the outdoor slope, and the smaller “yeti” slope. Classes usually end with reviewing and learning about the mountain environment: identifying features and trails on a resort map, recognizing and understanding a variety of typical posted signs, learning about local wildlife and changing weather conditions, as well as becoming familiar with skier, snowboarder, and resort etiquette.

For more information about the structure of Yeti school classes, private lessons, and the Little Shredders program, feel free to read their specific class descriptions on their respective pages.

Should I drop off or should I stay with my skier/rider during class?

We strongly encourage parents to drop off their Shredders to help them become comfortable being independent while skiing and snowboarding. However, if preferred, parents are welcome to stay during class time in our lobby or outdoor areas. Some children are much more comfortable when their parent is around, while others are sometimes reluctant to participate; however, each child has their own comfort level while in class. If you have any questions or concerns about dropping off your child or staying for the duration of the lesson, feel free to contact us and we will happily work with you to find a good solution.